Launching examination glove with 27% reduced CO2 emissions

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The Swedish company Evercare Medical introduces Embra, its new brand for medical supplies created to reduce CO2 emissions within the healthcare sector. The first Embra product to be launched is the examination glove Embra Proceed, with 27% less CO2 emissions than comparable products.

Medical disposables account for a significant part of CO2 emissions in the global healthcare sector, examination gloves being one of the most used products. Globally more than 300 billion disposable medical gloves are used yearly, and in Sweden, approximately 1,9 billion. Embra is the result of many years of product development by Evercare Medical specialists in Gothenburg, together with suppliers, to create products leaving a lesser environmental footprint than comparable products. This can be achieved in different ways, either through using less raw material or ensuring that a certain percentage of materials used are bio-based, renewable, or reusable, or through the use of less energy and that CO2 emissions in this way are reduced through the whole value chain. For each product, a life cycle analysis, LCA, is made. – The launch of the Embra brand is an important part of our work to contribute to reduced carbon footprint for the Swedish and the European healthcare sector. Our assortment with lower CO2 emissions is crucial for us to succeed. For this reason, we have invested a lot of time and resources in developing the new glove Embra Proceed, says Sanna Norman, Managing Director, Evercare Medical. Embra Proceed is one of the first examination gloves in a new nitrile-based composition, reducing the total energy usage from the production phase by 55 %. This reduces CO2 emissions by 27 % or 17 g of CO2 per glove. In Europe, approximately 29 billion examination gloves are used per year. If these gloves were replaced with Embra Proceed, it would save close to 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.* As a comparison, 1 ton of CO2 corresponds to the same emissions as approximately 400 kilometers by car. 500,000 tonnes of CO2 thus corresponds to emissions from around 200 million kilometers by car.**

The new glove is free from latex, talc, and phthalates and manufactured with a technology that reduces the number of chemical additives, resulting in a skin-friendly glove. At the same time, it is light and thin with maintained performance. A more lightweight glove makes it possible to pack more gloves per package, which reduces material consumption, water, fuel, and storage space. During 2023, more Embra products will be launched in the Swedish and European markets.

*) 29 billion gloves times 17 g of CO2 per glove
**) Source: 1 ton of CO2 corresponds to 400 miles by car,

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