Evercare Medical launch event in Malmö

Evercare medical director Alexander Culling giving a speech at the launch of evecare medical and Embra brand event in Malmö

On the 8-10th of June Evercare Medical was launched with an event in Malmö, Sweden for all Asker healthcare associates. During these days Evercare Medical (formerly OneMed products) were introduced with its new identity. This was an event celebrating all the work that has been done and our new identity going forward.


The packed schedule for the days included workshops surrounding our brands and presentations of our product portfolio with samples on display. Julien Rolland held a presentation on social sustainability with focus on Responsible Sourcing. On the topic of the issues in sourcing labor and resources from specific regions around the world, Pauline Göthberg, the National Secretariat for Sustainable Public Procurement, stressed the challenges that the industry is facing and matters that are important to work with continuously.

Embra, our new sustainable brand committed to embrace both environmental and social sustainability, was presented during the event. This is a product portfolio that is strongly demanded in various markets that we are all excited to develop further.

We also got the opportunity to celebrate together and had a small price ceremony during our gala dinner to appreciate the fantastic results from all the teams in various markets.

Thanks to all participants, we look forward to continuing our journey together as Evercare medical!