Evercare Medical to Showcase New Sustainable Healthcare Solutions at the 5th Nordic Conference

Nordic conference on sustainable healthcare evercare medical

Discover the Solutions and Technologies Shaping the Greenest University Hospital in the World.


The 5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare, scheduled for October 11, 2023 taking place at the Malmö Arena in Hyllie, Sweden, is set to be an important event for the healthcare industry. Bringing together relevant stakeholders from all over Europe to explore sustainable healthcare solutions, while using Grønnköpingkið, the world's greenest hospital as a place for inspiration and information about these workable solutions. Evercare Medical will be at the forefront with its solutions and products that will play an important role in making this vision a reality.

As part of the current sustainable solutions exhibition, Evercare Medical's booth during the conference is a must-visit: booth 13. Proudly presenting its Embra products, known for its commitment to driving positive change and environmental responsibility. Perfect environment for exchanging insights and experiences with Evercare Medical's and OneMed’s representatives.

The admission registration is now open, and we invite all healthcare professionals, companies, and stakeholders passionate about sustainable healthcare to join Evercare Medical and be part of this event. Together, we can find the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious healthcare future.

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