The Embra® Way: How Evercare Medical and Asker Group are leading the sustainable healthcare revolution

How Evercare Medical and Asker Group are leading the sustainable healthcare revolution

Sustainable choices and the medical products of tomorrow were in focus at the 2023 edition of Evercare Medical Days Conference, held in Malmö, Sweden. The Embra products were the common thread to many of the discussions.


The 2023 Evercare Medical Days had a strong emphasis on sustainability and Embra products. Attendees were educated about the impact of climate change and shown how to offer more sustainable solutions to their customers. They were also introduced to the benefits of Embra products and the digital infrastructure that Evercare Medical provides to support growth and speed to market, as well as ensure efficient customer support.

Embra is committed to embracing environmental and social sustainability. The name "Embra" is derived from "embrace," which signifies its dedication to providing healthcare solutions that prioritize quality and performance for patients and caregivers while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. Embra works tirelessly to achieve this goal.

During the conference, Evercare Medical and other manufacturing companies within Asker showcased their products at an exhibition. Over 90 attendees from different parts of the Asker family, including managing directors, sales representatives, product managers, and marketing specialists from various Asker companies in different markets such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland, highly appreciated the exhibition. The conference provided a valuable opportunity for networking, learning, and sharing among the Asker group.

In 2015, the world made a new global commitment to take action against climate change. The agreement was to decrease emissions by 50% before 2030 and to achieve zero emissions by 2050. Additionally, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are a shared vision for global peace and prosperity, were also adopted in 2015.

We must act now because the target year of 2030 is fast approaching. To meet these goals, every industry must take action. New laws are being put into place, and the European market is already demanding that businesses comply with higher environmental standards in tenders.

The Embra® Way is our mission to create sustainable healthcare solutions that not only reduce the environmental impact but also enhance the quality of care for patients and caregivers. We continuously explore and utilize innovative processes and raw materials that help us achieve our objectives. Additionally, we have strict ethical codes and quality checks in place for every Embra® product throughout its entire life cycle. This is how we care for patients, caregivers, and the future.

During a recent discussion, Alexander Cullin, the managing director at Evercare Medical, emphasized the importance of considering the total cost when discussing product pricing with customers. According to Cullin, the price of a product is just one factor to consider. Factors such as the product's quality, its durability, and its environmental impact should also be taken into account. For instance, a product with a low quality may break easily, thus increasing its actual cost over time. Similarly, if a product has high CO2 emissions, it may negatively impact the customer's climate goals. Therefore, it is important to look at the bigger picture when discussing product pricing with customers.

We have only just begun our journey, and these are just the first few steps.