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We provide over 2,800 products in 33 different product groups to support the healthcare sector in every situation.

Medical Supplies Assortment

Our suppliers and manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure they share our views and meet our high requirements regarding quality as well as environmental and social responsibility. All of our products go through a comprehensive quality control process with extensive quality reviews, including regular inspections of production facilities and audits.

Our product development follows a strict quality management system with established methods and processes per the Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Caring for the future

Embra, derived from the word “embrace” stands for a clear commitment to embrace both environmental and social sustainability.

Embra works consistently and continuously to give the world healthcare solutions that focus on lowering environmental impact, while delivering quality and performance for patients and caregivers.

Solutions for premium care

Evercare is a premium quality brand for medical supply products, such as examination gloves, surgical gowns and drapes, wound care, and infusion and injection, developed to serve healthcare workers and improve patient outcomes. The evercare brand stands for quality and a commitment to continuous development and innovation to treat patients with the best clinical and safe solutions while reducing total cost.

Affordable solutions for care

The SELEFA brand provides value for money through its wide range of affordable products, including examination gloves, paper and plastic consumables, non-woven products, bandages and gauze. SELEFA products are developed to create value for patients through good quality while reducing healthcare costs.

How to use our products

Our products are designed with care and precision to ensure your safety and comfort. To help you get the most out of our products, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that covers everything from the basics of product selection to detailed instructions for use. Our step-by-step guidance and illustrative examples will ensure you can use our products successfully and with confidence. Explore our range of how-to videos for visual demonstrations on proper product usage or delve into our online glove guide to find the right glove for your needs.


How to use our products

Our symbols

Our symbols are more than just icons; they reflect our commitment to quality, care, and sustainability. Each symbol has been thoughtfully designed to convey the core values and attributes of our products and services. We invite you to explore the meanings behind our symbols and discover how they align with your needs and values. Understanding these symbols will enhance your experience with Evercare Medical, ensuring that you are well-informed and confident in the choices you make.



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