Aiming to make a sustainable difference and create better health for all

Evercare Medical is a part of Asker Healthcare Group, which builds and acquires leading companies that make a positive difference in the European healthcare ecosystem by providing safe and high-quality medical supplies, devices and equipment. All companies in the group have a holistic and inclusive approach to sustainability, taking responsibility for a fair and more sustainable value chain.

Evercare medical aims to offer a best-in-class portfolio in terms of quality and sustainability. With over 2,800 products in 33 different product groups, our mission is to support the healthcare sector in improving patient outcomes and reducing the total cost of care. Simultaneously, we work with our suppliers to ensure more sustainable practices throughout the value chain.

Our suppliers and manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure they share our view and meet our high requirements in terms of quality, the environment and social responsibility. All products undergo a comprehensive quality control process with extensive quality reviews, including regular inspections of production facilities and randomized audits.

Environmental Policy

At Evercare Medical we strive to reduce our environmental impact and improve our sustainability performance, across our entire value chain by:

  • Analyzing, measuring and reducing the emissions in line with Science Based Targets and Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Understanding product emissions throughout the lifecycle and embed a sustainable thinking in the design of our products and solutions.
  • Actively drive the sustainability agenda with our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Raising awareness across the organization and external stakeholders about sustainability and how to impact emissions.
  • Continuously improve our Environmental Management System and remain compliant with laws and regulations.


At Evercare Medical we care for a sustainable future every day.


Embra – caring for the future

Embra, derived from the word “embrace” stands for a clear commitment to embrace both environmental and social sustainability.

The Embra® mission is to develop responsible healthcare solutions focused on lowering environmental impact while delivering quality for patients and caregivers. In this way, we believe that we will make a real and positive difference in the world.

Embra represents the most ambitious standards within Evercare Medical. Our goal is to be the benchmark brand for sustainability, uncompromising quality and long-term return on investment.

The UN Paris agreement on climate change has committed the world to cutting emissions in half already by 2030 and being carbon neutral by 2050. Hence, we are determined to work hard now.

We will realise our mission by continuously finding both the raw materials and innovative production processes that help us achieve a lower environmental impact. Plus, we also hold every Embra® product to strong ethical codes and quality reviews throughout the entire value chain.


The Embra Way

We have established that a product must meet either one or more of the following criteria, in order to be included in the Embra brand portfolio:

  1. At least 20% CO2 reduction compared to other similar Evercare Medical products in terms of quality and/or functionality.
  2. More than 50% recycled material: moving from virgin materials to other reusable sources.
  3. Minimum 70% material from a renewable source, including both product and first level packaging.
  4. Re-usable products, our goal is to become more circular by creating more reusable products.
  5. External certification. Products that fulfil the criteria set by a select list of internationally recognised environmental certification bodies.

    Currently the list includes:
  • ’Bra miljöval,’ (the Swedish ’Good Environmental Choice’ label)
  • EU Ecolabel – an independent body controlled by ISO 14024
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanenmärkt) – a counterpart to the EU Ecolabel.


This set of criteria is the framework for what we call Embra®Way. It guides our work and it is how we help build a positive future through responsible, futureproof healthcare products and solutions.

Life-cycle analysis improves our product development

The extraction of environmental materials happens in every step of a product's life cycle: production, distribution, storage, usage, and what happens to the product when it is no longer used. All of this can impact the environment in many ways. By applying Life-cycle Analysis, we evaluate the environmental impacts of our Embra products from the very first to the very last, or the cradle to the grave.

Life cycle analysis enables us to:

  • manage CO2 emissions in the value chain, lowering environmental impact
  • grow consumer awareness and learn how sustainable a product is
  • understand which suppliers have the most sustainable products and methods
  • explore how our product design choices affect the sustainability of the products
  • improve our product development, marketing, strategic planning and even policymaking.

The Embra Proceed glove

Our first product within the Embra brand – the Embra Proceed glove, is produced with an innovative raw material that helps reduce the glove's curing temperature. This helps decrease the overall energy usage in the production phase. Compared to a blue regular Nitrile Glove, Proceed requires 55 % less energy when produced, reducing the CO2 emissions by 27% per glove. The life-cycle analysis of the Proceed glove is reviewed by the Climate Neutral Group.

Read more on how we work with sustainability on a group level - Asker healthcare group's sustainability report 2022

hand wearing a Embra Proceed glove beside 3D gloves dispenser box and Embra logotype with tagline