evercare inLine Urological set Y-type PVC-free

REF: 10555

Urology are sterile, PVC free, single use products that are used to conduct fluids through gravity method, by enabling connection to a fluid container to carry out washing and/or cleaning of urethra or bladder through the irrigation tube connected to a final medical device directly in contact with patient body. evercare uroLine PVC Free Urology sets can be used for irrigation and for cystoscopy, T.U.R and other arthroscopic surgical procedures. Y-type make it possibility to have a continuous flow and use the same set for continuous irrigation according to internal procedure or guidelines.

Key features

  • Large bore set with long tubing
    • Transparent tubing of ID 6.8 x OD 4.8 mm
  • C-Clamp to stop the flow of the infusion
  • Transparent, Soft & larger drip chamber
    • for easy squeezing and filling
    • for safe high flow rate
    • to minimize the risk of air pockets within the tubing
  • White, Roller-clamp
  • Three different connectors for all kind of applications:
    • 15 cm Silicone tubing
    • Standard cone
    • luer lock adaptor (bi-packed)
  • A secondary sterile packaging with a primary protective packaging inside & can be used to open within a sterile field
  • Y-type with 2 spikes
  • 2-way 2
  • C-clamps