evercare inLine Extension line Coiled PVC-free

REF: 10539-01, 10540-01, 10541-01, 10542-01

Extension lines are sterile, single use products that are used to conduct intravenous fluids and/or drug as an extension of the infusion & perfusion device by enabling connection to a source infusion and an infusion device with vascular access. evercare® inLine PVC Free extension line is Suitable for extension of infusion lines or can be connected to a syringe.

Key features

  • Products can withstand high liquid pressure upto 55 bar
  • Hydrophobic filter prevents leakage while priming
  • One male and female connector at each end with protective caps
  • Fixed luer lock
  • Tube diameter Micro (ID x OD) 1 x 2 mm
  • Suitable for transportation and examinations
  • Lesser memory on the tubing