evercare® Surgical hood James (James hood blue tie-on)


REF number
GID number
Amount in dispenser pack:
100 pcs
Amount in transport carton:
600 pcs
Amount on pallet:
14400 pcs


evercare® Headweares are designed to help prevent foreign particles such as hair or skin scales falling from medical personnel into the wound during surgical interventions. These very popular surgical hoods come with different special features and designs, such as integrated sweatbands for additional comfort, or open design for easier dressing placed on the head instead of over the head.

  • evercare® Surgical hood James is a light version helmet without shoulder coverings designed for staff that for any reason cannot use shoulder coverings. A surgical hood with neck protection made of soft breathable viscose nonwoven material (100% fossile-free).
  • Reduces the risk of particles falling into the wound
  • Universal size
  • Neck protection (not shoulder protection)