evercare® XP Special OP-Gowns, sterile (size XXL, sterile)


REF number
GID number
Amount in dispenser pack:
18 Pcs.
Amount in transport carton:
36 Pcs.
Amount on pallet:
288 Pcs.

Product specifications

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Product ordering

Amount in inner package:
18 pcs.
Amount in transport carton:
36 pcs.
Amount on pallet:
288 pcs.


evercare® XP Special OP-Gowns are suitable for procedures with medium to high quantities of fluids. Made in a soft SMS material with antistatic and alcohol repellent treatment for enhanced user protection. evercare® XP Special is reinforced with a breathable material in the critical zone, in the front and in the sleeves, to maximize protection against contamination of the surgical wound and to protect the user at wet procedures. All evercare® OP-Gowns provide an effective barrier to body fluids, skin particles and microbes and are designed for optimal comfort and ease of movement. The adjustable Velcro in the neck enables optimal fit while securing adjustments. The gown is sterilized with EO-gas and packed in easy-to-open unit pouches. State-of-the-art packaging system with handy functional dispenser and labeling. Unit packs are supplied with barcoded removable labels for improved traceability.

  • Good protection and Xtra comfort, antistatic and alcohol repellent treated
  • Ultrasonic heat sealed seams for sleeves and shoulders to increase comfort by reducing excessive materials causing discomfort
  • Gown with overlapping back and adjustable Velcro in the neck enables optimal fit for individual adjustments
  • Clear stamp with size and performance type
  • Belt card with clear indications of sterile / non-sterile for secure donning
  • High quality cuffs for improved comfort and tight fit round wrists
  • Book-folding enabling unpacking and donning without risk for contamination 
  • SMS material with low linting and very high abrasion resistance