ENCORE® Latex Textured (8.5 Sterile PF Natural 50pairs)


REF number
GID number
Amount in dispenser pack:
50 Pcs.
Amount in transport carton:
200 Pcs.
Amount on pallet:
8000 Pcs.

Product specifications

Clean grade:

Product ordering

Amount in inner package:
50 pcs.
Amount in transport carton:
200 pcs.
Amount on pallet:
8000 pcs.


  • Enhanced grip: The textured finish of these sterile latex gloves delivers exceptional grip of medical instruments under dry or damp conditions, making them ideal outer gloves when double gloving
  • Heightened tactile sensitivity: The unique latex formulation and processes enable the thickness of these sterile gloves to be optimized for the wearer to experience the ideal balance of tactile sensitivity and hand protection
  • Effortless donning and doffing: ENCORE® Latex Textured surgical gloves are designed with a proprietary internal coating to facilitate easy dry and damp donning, either when first worn or during intra-operative changes
  • Chemo-tested: Tested to ASTM D6978, these textured latex gloves are safe to use with a wide range of chemotherapy drugs*

*Contact OneMed  Customer Service for specific chemotherapy drug permeation times and recommendations

CAUTION: Safe use of these gloves by latex-sensitized individuals has not been established. This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

  • Textured finish: Secure grip of instruments under dry or damp conditions
  • Optimized thickness: Ideal balance of tactile sensitivity and protection
  • Donning aid technology: Easy donning and doffing for dry or damp hands