GAMMEX® Latex Sensitive (7.5 Sterile PF Brown 50pairs)


REF number
GID number
Amount in dispenser pack:
50 pcs
Amount in transport carton:
200 pcs
Amount on pallet:
6400 pcs


  • Heightened tactile sensitivity: A soft formulation combined with a unique process has resulted in a powder-free latex glove that is 20% thinner than Ansell’s standard latex range, offering an ideal balance of tactile sensitivity and dexterity
  • Elevated comfort: These sterile surgical gloves also offer exceptional wearer comfort and protection thanks to their soft, yet strong, formulation
  • Enhanced grip: Their external surface is smooth, with a micro-textured finish, for secure handling of surgical instruments even in wet conditions
  • Reduced eye fatigue: These latex gloves are brown in color to help prevent eye fatigue from surgical glare
  • Tested for chemo handling: GAMMEX® Latex Sensitive powder-free gloves are tested in accordance with ASTM D6978 and can be safely used with a range of chemotherapy drugs

CAUTION: Safe use of these gloves by latex-sensitized individuals has not been established. This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

  • 20% thinner design*: Designed for superior tactile sensitivity and dexterity
  • Soft yet strong formulation: Superb comfort for optimal surgical finesse
  • Smooth surface with micro-textured finish: Secure grip of instruments

*compared to Ansell’s standard powder-free latex surgical gloves