Ergo-Step™ Stool top Sandel (4 tops)


REF number
GID number
Amount in transport carton:
4 pcs


SANDEL® Ergo-Step™ stools are light-weight and stackable to provide a safe, comfortable working platform.  Ergo-Step stools feature a cushioned top to help prevent foot and leg fatigue during long procedures. 

  • Light-weight - approx 7lbs
  • Easy to move
  • Stackable
  • Anti-skid feet keep stools firmly in place
  • Bright orange and highly recognizable
  • Interlocking feature means stools can be attached side-by-side to create a safe working platform
  • Weight capacity:  500 lbs (227 kg.)
  • For added comfort, a 13" x 17" SANDEL® ErgoPlus™ Anti-Fatigue Mat fits neatly on top

Ergo-Step™ Cart available for easy transport of stools

NOTE: Top step stools (1170-T) should only be stacked on bottom step stools (1170-B). 1170-B can be stacked interchangeably as either a top or a bottom stool.