ErgoPlus™ Anti-Fatigue Mat (51x81cm,4pcs)


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4 pcs


ErgoPlus™ Anti-Fatigue Mats provide unmatched ergonomic comfort, reducing strain on the feet, legs and back during long procedures.  Made from energy-return polyurethane foam, ErgoPlus Mats absorb the impact of standing while restoring energy.

  • NEW easy-to-clean finish1
  • Less absorbent & more fluid resistant1
  • Bounce-back memory restores energy and reduces strain on the feet, legs and back
  • Proven to reduce spinal compression and increase flexibility2
  • Premium padding for additional comfort
  • Beveled edges help prevent tripping
  • Ideal for the O.R., nurses stations, cath labs, IR labs
  • Available in various sizes
  • Bright orange and highly recognizable  

1Compared to previous model

2Data on file.