evercare Kraken Spike (Spike-G NFC)


REF number
GID number
Amount in dispenser pack:
100 pcs
Amount in transport carton:
1000 pcs
Amount on pallet:
20000 pcs


Kraken® Spike for withdrawal and preparation of solutions, drugs and toxic substances. Minimizes risk for bacterial transfer, reduces risk for leakage and contamination of aerosols. Different version available for fulfilling all user needs. Kraken® Spike comes in three different colors with different specifications according to needs. General features • Vented spike for withdrawing fluids from vials or semi-rigid containers • Easy handling due to ergonomic design • Low penetration force • Reduces contamination through safety snap cap • Multi withdrawal possibility with a needle free connector • Available with air filter or a combination of air filter and fluid filter • Red KrakenSpike for cytostatic drugs • PVC-free, DEHP-free, Latex-Free