evercare® Medikit Dressing kit (Sterile Debride.CURVED scissor)


REF number
GID number
30 cm
Amount in dispenser pack:
70 pcs
Amount in transport carton:
140 pcs


Single-use procedure small kits, such as wound washing sets or suture removal sets, are essential tools in medical settings. These kits are meticulously assembled to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary tools and supplies for specific medical interventions, ensuring efficiency and precision. The primary purpose of these kits is to facilitate wound management tasks effectively, whether it involves cleansing and irrigating wounds or safely applying or removing sutures or providing minor medical procedures. They contain all necessary instruments and supplies required for a particular procedure in a single, sterile package, ensuring optimal hygiene and patient safety. Each component within the kit is carefully selected to meet the requirements of the procedure, streamlining the process for healthcare providers and enhancing patient care outcomes

  • convenience and reliability offered
  • inimize the potential for cross-contamination between patients
  • all components are sterile and intended for one-time use only
  • mitigates the potential for errors in the sterilization process
  • enhancing patient safety