Caring for people

A healthy work environment

Giving colleagues the opportunity to develop and contribute is important for Evercare Medical so that our employees are engaged and healthy.

In order to be an inspiring workplace where employees feel motivated to take responsibility, we all commit to follow the principles laid out in the Asker Code of Conduct: all employees are to be treated with respect and dignity, and provided with equal conditions and opportunities to develop. Equal treatment is a matter of course, and no one is to be discriminated against or be subjected to harassment.

Evercare Medical complies with all the mandatory social security and health insurance requirements in the individual countries where it operates. In countries where public healthcare and social security may be considered inadequate, for example, China, India and Malaysia, employees have access to additional health insurance.

Nurse and patient

A responsible value chain

A responsible value chain Asker places great emphasis on social responsibility. As expressed in its mission statement:

“We improve people’s health and care for the world around us. We offer safe, high-quality products and services, while taking responsibility for a fair and sustainable value chain”

In line with Askers commitment, we at Evercare Medical, work continuously with our manufacturing partners to ensure decent working conditions throughout the entire value chain, see how in our responsible sourcing section.

Evercare Medicals Business Ethics Commitments

  • Operate according to the Asker Healthcare Group Code of Conduct and core values.
  • Obtain written confirmation of adherence to the Asker Supplier Code of Conduct from suppliers.
  • Conduct due diligence in accordance with the supplier due diligence procedure and audit all third-party manufacturers every 48 months.
  • Proactively provide ongoing support and guidance to third-party manufacturers in implementing improvements and conducting follow-ups.


>> Code of Conduct

>> Supplier Code of Conduct


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