Caring for the planet

Due to climate change, climate-related health risks are expected to rise. Paradoxically, the healthcare system which treats these health problems is also a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that the healthcare sector globally accounts for 4.4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This negative impact on the climate primarily comes from emissions in the manufacturing of disposable items, but it is also a result of the high volume of waste generated after the products have been used. The healthcare sector therefore has an obligation to do its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Evercare Medical must support this transition.

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Commitment to environmental responsability

Evercare Medical is certified according to ISO 14001, which ensures that we work according to structured processes towards continuous improvements through our environmental management system. Core to our environmental strategy is the expansion of product environmental life cycle assessments(LCAs). LCAs provides a comprehensive and scientific method for evaluating the environmental impact of products during their entire life cycle. Thanks to this, our environmental strategy is grounded not only in scientific perspectives, but also considers a range of environmental impacts beyond carbon emissions. This approach supports our environmental communication, helping us avoid making unsubstantiated claims and preventing greenwashing.

This aligns well with the Asker Group's environmental strategy, which is also grounded in science: the Asker Group accounts for and reports emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and has committed to the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi). As a company developing products at the heart of the Asker Group, Evercare Medical significantly contributes to Asker's product-related emissions and thus plays a crucial role in reducing these emissions to help achieve Asker’s climate goals. Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) make it easier to identify environmental hotspots and areas for improvement, thereby helping us set concrete goals and activities that shape our strategy.

Evercare Medical Environmental Commitments

  • Analyze, measure, and reduce emissions in line with Askers climate targets
  • Understand product emissions throughout the lifecycle and incorporate sustainable practices into product design and solutions.
  • Develop a product portfolio which can help our customers transition towards a sustainable economy
  • Continuously improve our Environmental Management System and ensure compliance with laws, regulations and Asker Management Standards.


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