Priming evercare® inLine, transfusion set

In these recommendations you will find guidance on how to prime evercare® inLine Transfusion set.
Unwrap the IV-set and check wehether the roller clamp is open.
Change position of the roller clamp and control that the tubing is unaffected and close it.
Place the bag/container horizontal on a tabletop and insert ¾ of the length of the spike horizontally by using a turning motion.
Invert the container/- bag and hang it from the IV pole or similar.
Attach the tubing to the tube holder at the roller clamp.
Squeeze gently the drip chamber 3-5 times to fill half of the drip chamber (too aggressive squeeze can lead to mixed air fluid below the drip chamber).
Open the roller clamp until the complete tubing is primed.
Close the roller clamp.

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Please note!

See the package for complete IFU instructions for use, this is only a guide for users

DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN connections. DO NOT USE any instruments to tighten connections.

How to prime evercare® inline transfusion set