Priming evercare® inLine, vented with bottle

In these recommendations you will find guidance on how to prime evercare® inLine infusion set with bottle.

Step 1

Unwrap the IV-set and check whether the air vent cap is closed and the roller clamp is open. Important: Do not open the air vent!

Step 2

Change position of the roller clamp and control that the tubing is unaffected and close it.

Step 3

Place the bottle on a surface and spike the membrane. Hang the bottle on a IV pole or similar. Keep the air vent closed!

Step 4

Attach the tubing to the tube holder at the roller clamp.

Step 5

Squeeze gently the drip chamber 3-5 times to fill half of the drip chamber (too aggressive squeeze can lead to mixed air fluid below the drip chamber).

Step 6

Open the roller clamp until the complete tubing is primed. Keep the air vent closed!

Step 7

Closed the roller camp.

Step 8

After priming, open the air vent.

Please note!

! See the package for complete IFU instructions for use, this is only a guide for users !

DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN connections. DO NOT USE any instruments to tighten connections

Tip: Glass and non fully collapsible containers: Keep the vent closed during spiking and priming. Only open the vent flap when venting is required.


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PDF - Priming evercare® inLine, vented with bottle


How to prime evercare® inLine, vented with bottle