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Welcome to Evercare Medicals glove guide for medical examination gloves.

This guide will support your ambitions to use the right glove for the right purpose. Choose your assortment (up to 7 gloves) then print the guide and place together with your glove holder.

This guide is designed to support healthcare professionals. Whether you're looking to complete a specific task, work with certain chemicals, or avoid allergies to certain materials.

The guide is focused on helping you identify the right gloves for your requirements providing all the information needed to make an informed decision. It covers all aspects of choosing the right gloves, from material to size, REF number, color, key features, level of protection and recommendation for use.

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This is how your glove guide will look.

You can change the order between the gloves by marking the glove card and use the arrows to the right to move a glove up or down. When done, click “print”.

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Glove guide - medical examination gloves