SELEFA® Optimia Gauze swabs (10x10cm,8ply,non sterile HC)


REF number
GID number
Amount in dispenser pack:
120 pcs
Amount in transport carton:
7200 pcs
Amount on pallet:
57600 pcs


SELEFA® Optimia Gauze swabs are produced from environmental friendly bleached cotton fibres, woven in the amount of 17 threads per suqare cm. They are produced in four measurements with folded edges to avoid threads loose. Quality cotton gauze swabs are produced in four to sixteen layers that gives its softness, increasing its absorbent properties.

  • Wide area of use: pre-operative skin cleansing, wound cleansing, drying, absorption, protection etc
  • Effective in moisture and liquid absorption, can be sterilized
  • Peroxide bleached cotton gauze without chlorine
  • Woven edges prevent loose threads drawing
  • 100 % cotton, low linting