Embra® Optimia Non woven swabs, non sterile (5x5cm, 4ply,30g,non sterile)


REF number
GID number
5 cm
5 cm
Amount in dispenser pack:
150 pcs
Amount in transport carton:
13500 pcs
Amount on pallet:
162000 pcs


EMBRA Optimia Nonwoven swabs, 4-ply are produced from soft and highly absorptive nonwoven material. They are primarily used for cleaning and exudate absorption of wounds and abrasions.

  • 70% renewable materials (viscose)
  • High quality viscose/polyester nonwoven material
  • Low linting and high softness
  • Keeps its shape, even when wet
  • Free from binding agents and optical brighteners
  • Effective in liquid and exudate absorption
  • Less adherent to the wound than gauze devices
  • Available in several sizes
  • For external wound care, treating burns or abrasions, in the first aid area etc.
  • Can be sterilised using EO
  • Optimised packaging: convenient dispensing and better protection from contamination