Priming evercare® inLine, monoset

In these recommendations you will find guidance on how to prime evercare® inline monoset with needle free connector.

Step 1

Unwrap the set. Close the clamp on side tubing, make sure the air vent is closed.

Step 2

Stick the side spike through the membrane into drug vial.

Step 3

Open the air vent on the side tubing.

Step 4

(A) Fill the drug vial by holding up the infusion bag and open the side clamp. Fill the drug vial half full, close the clamp or (B) attach a syringe to the needle free connector, fill the drug vial half full.


Step 6

To minimize a blocked filter: never infuse fluid into vial when inverted and never shake the vial when inverted.

Step 7

Close the air vent. Shake the vial side to side until the substance is dissolved.

Step 8

Open the air vent. Turn the drug vial upside down and raise it over the level of the infusion bag. Open the side clamp.

Step 9

When the drug is transferred to the infusion bag, close the clamp and the air vent. Leave the empty bottle on the side tubing.

Please note!

! See the package for complete IFU instructions for use, this is only a guide for users !

DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN connections. DO NOT USE any instruments to tighten connections.


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How to prime evercare® inLine, mono/duo set